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Having no idea for lunch or dinner?
Don't waste time cooking!

Dishes in jars are a practical solution thanks to which you can enjoy the taste of your favorite meals from our restaurant every day.

We put our heart and a lot of work into their preparation, so that they retain their freshness and aroma for as long as possible and satisfy the most demanding palates.
The jars are subjected to a special process during which they are pasteurized at high temperature for 3 consecutive days.
Thanks to this, when heated, they taste as delicious as in our restaurant.
Most importantly, our jars have an expiration date of up to 30 days if properly stored in a dark and cool place.
Thanks to this, you will always find a tasty, fresh dish at your fingertips!
Heat up and eat!

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Do wykorzystania w Pałacu Krotoszyce***
from 200PLN /item
from 200PLN /item

Kup teraz

Do wykorzystania w Pałacu Krotoszyce***

Restauracja Pałac Krotoszyce***
from 100PLN /item
from 100PLN /item

Kup teraz

Restauracja Pałac Krotoszyce***

Pałac w Krotoszycach
Parkowa 3 59-223 Krotoszyce

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