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Area attractions

Interesting and rich history of the region, terrain and infrastructure ideal for recreation and relaxation will certainly make that your stay will be unforgettable.

The village Krotoszyce is situated in the picturesque Kaczawa Valley, in the geographical region of the Kaczawa Foothills, or less formally, the Land of Extinct Volcanoes. Many volcanic pipes smoked here millions of years ago. The remnants are today’s Wilcza Góra (called by locals "Wilczak") or standing alone Ostrzyca or Grodziec, on the top of which is located the stronghold of Piast called also Grodziec.

Through Krotoszyce runs several important, from the historical and recreational standpoint, trails. For example: 112 km long Szlak Polskiej Miedzi (the Trail of Polish Coppers).

Close to Krotoszyce passes 12 km long walking path, so called Szlak bitwy pod Legnicą (the Route of the Battle of Legnica). The route runs mostly throughout Legnica and the following are Bartoszów and Legnickie Pole. Noteworthy on this trail are the church and the monastery of St. Hedwig and the Museum of the Battle of Legnica in Legnickie Pole.

For the fans of two wheels there was created Złoty Szlak Rowerowy (the Golden Bicycle Trail), running throughout Złotoryja.

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